Casino Floor – Advantages and history of raised flooring systems for casinos

Raised flooring systems have been a popular choice for various industries for many years, including casinos. They offer numerous advantages that make them ideal for use in the casino industry. Let’s explore some of these benefits and take a brief look at their history in the casino sector. Advantages of Raised Flooring Systems in Casinos: […]

Raised Access Floor Installation

Raised Access Floor Installation The way that you arrange your infrastructure dictates how your company communicates and solves problems. Globally, information technology (IT) has a more than $5 trillion value as a field. This market is filled with creative and useful ways for you to arrange your networks safely and effectively. Installing a raised access floor, also […]

Raised Flooring for More Efficient Cooling System

In 2012, 6 out of 10 of the new commercial buildings in Japan and most of Europe had raised flooring systems.  Up to 90% of the data centers in United States today use access flooring for cooling. Studies have shown that having raised flooring systems in commercial spaces can achieve a 93% total air capture […]

Access Computer Flooring for Modern Office Spaces

In this hi-tech world, access computer floors have become a very integral part of any office space, especially in modern buildings with specialized areas for command centers, information technology data centers, and computer rooms. All of these applications typically require routing of various cables, wiring, electric supply and other mechanical services. Computer access flooring is […]